"Don't let the sun set on childhood cancer awareness"
On September 24th, 2016, our 18 month old niece Bernadette was diagnosed with AML, an aggressive form of Leukemia.  After 7 months of brutal treatments, hospital stays and the fight of her life, our beautiful niece is a thriving 3 year old with no evidence of disease. Throughout the month of September we have been working on a special project in honor of our hero, Bernadette.  
Introducing the HERO bracelet.
The color gold represents childhood cancer awareness; in honor of her and all children who have fought and will fight childhood cancer, we are donating 50% of the net profit from each $50 bracelet to one of our favorite childhood cancer research platforms CURE where each sale will support pediatric cancer research and our donation will fund AML research specifically.  Through this fund CURE has supported TPAML, which is where Bernie’s cure will come one day.
For children like Bernie, childhood cancer awareness is a 365 day a year reality. ME Speak Design is committed to the effort to fund research aimed at safer treatments and cures for pediatric cancer through the Hero bracelet. We designed the Hero bracelet to celebrate all heroes big and small and from all walks of life.
Although our cause is childhood cancer our heroes are far and wide.  Our mother fighting Alzheimer’s, our best friend, our sister, a cancer survivor, someone we know who lost their battle, our parents, our children, our friends and family and all those fighting other diseases or difficult challenges.  
Who is your hero?


HERO Bracelet not included in Black Friday Sale