Brass Chutney Spoon
Brass Chutney Spoon
Brass Chutney Spoon
Brass Chutney Spoon


Chutney Spoon

Thinking back to our time in India, chutneys hold a strong importance.  Pinches of vibrant colored and flavored condiments equally spaced themselves around the rim of our wide stainless steel plate.  Not to be eaten alone or ever in one bite, these flavor enhancers embodied our experience.


  • Approximately 7"

  • One of a Kind


  • Brass will tarnish over time.  A natural scrub of lemon and salt will bring back their beauty.

  • Each one is made by our hands and will therefore express individual character.

  • Hand wash only

  • Do not leave submerged in salt, spices, condiments or beverages for extended periods of time.  Hand wash immediately after use.


  • In stock and ready to ship