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Punch Ladle in Brass and Copper
Punch Ladle in Brass and Copper

Punch Ladle

Inspired by the Southern punch ladles from childhood and simple Japanese lines we design and hand make each ladle from both brass and copper.  By using the technique of metal raising we raise each bowl of the ladle on a red oak stump with a ball peen hammer.  Hammering each bowl from a sheet into a soft oval shape with slight pours on each side.  Each handle is then hand forged into an elegant curved shape that fits perfectly into the hand.  The two pieces are then braised together into our blend of Southern tradition and Japanese simplicity. 


  • Each spoon is approximately 12" long.  
  • Holds 1/8 cup of liquid.
  • Each one is made by our hands and will therefore express individual character.


  • Copper and brass will tarnish over time.  A natural scrub of lemon and salt will bring back their beauty.
  • We do not recommend these spoons coming into contact with acidic foods and beverages.
  • Hand wash only.  Wash immediately after use.  Do not keep submerged in liquids, salts or spices for extended periods of time.


  • These are made to order.  Estimated shipping  4-6 weeks.
  • For international shipping contact us via email for pricing,